Review: Unraveling the Mysteries of Arousal

Ever wonder how normal your sexuality is? Ever wonder why something turns you on one minute but revolts you the next? Ever imagine an ideal situation where you have thrilling sexual excitement along with total comfort and safety?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Emily Nagoski has answers, assurances, and advice for you. In Come As You Are she explains the ins and outs of arousal and the simple ways you can find more pleasure in your sex life. With clear explanations and practical tips, Nagoski offers a valuable guide to growing more comfortable with your sexuality, while finding more excitement at the same time.

Come As You Are consists of four main parts. The first part explains sexual anatomy, the brain’s sexual response system, and how experience, culture, and our subconsciousness interact with that response system. The second part delves into all of the internal and external influences on our sexual arousal. The third part takes a closer look at what happens during both physical and mental arousal. Finally, the fourth part explains how to use everything you’ve learned so far to increase your sexual pleasure.

Founded on research, illustrated with diverse personal stories, and infused with humor, Emily Nagoski has created something special in Come As You AreHer ultimate message is that the more you accept your sexual self, the more pleasure you will find. It’s a much-needed book devoted entirely to learning about, embracing, and practicing greater sexual pleasure. We highly recommend it.